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Unsync video files! 26 March 2011, 12:33

Hello it can be that some video files are audio unsync, but i dont know which files.

So if you find such files please send a report over the report link or send me a mail with the file name to

So i can fix the file.


Thanks @ yu from nyaahentais

nyaaHENTAIS V5 Online 25 March 2011, 15:55

Hi the new nyaaHENTAIS version 5 is Online.


New Design and CMS update now with Members Profile so Members can make a Profile.

If you have a Profile you can add Streams and make Reviews and many more.

For Members is now a Forum Online there you can Talk or add Stuff like Hentai Game Torrents. The Forum File Sharing area is Members Only.


Many new features are added to the cms like a new search code and favorites for profile and many more.

If you find bugs send them to or post them on the forum bugs report area.


The Streaming is now working for all video files.

Content Updates will be added Tomorrow.


Have fun yu @ nyaaHENTAIS.ocm

News Stream Support 02 March 2011, 21:49

Hi we are on the why to make all video files to mp4 for stream support.

Soon all videos will work on stream and with flash player so no need to install a plugin.


If you find a mp4 that is not working or unsync sound then please send a mail to with file name.


Have fun yu@nyaahentais

Beta Stream Support 09 February 2011, 21:15

Hi have added beta stream support.


Many videos are buggy or are not playing best is to use VideoLan player.

Will add better stream support in the future.



Better Site Speed 22 January 2011, 15:41

Yo i have found a bug in the system from nyaahentais and have fixed it.

Now the site is loading in 1-2 sec much faster then bevor.

A new style is Online to.


Iam working on on my pc to and will make a big update on the site soon.


Have fun nyaahentais

New Site Style 08 January 2011, 01:55

Hello nyaaHENTAIS have a new Style.

This Style is not so big and will load faster then the Style bevor.


Have fun nyaaHENTAIS

Please help to share or site! 15 November 2010, 10:19

Hello we have in or new cms addthis support.


So we hope you share some links on your facebook or twitter to make or site more known on the web.


We have this buttons on many pages and just bye clicking on it you will share or site in your facebook, twiiter or other share services.

This buttons work on the members area to and dont use your members url it will use


Many Thanks for you help

Nyaahentais 3nd Online 13 November 2010, 08:24

Yo the new nyaaHENTAIS version is now Online.


We have many new features in this version. 

Like a Gallery in each hentai, eroge, anime area, so now we can add more then just 4 images ;)

And we have now Stream support so you can watch a Flash Trailer from a hentai game or anime.

Thats not all we habe now RSS and or own Login *gg*


Is there more yes we have now Free Downloads ^^

On home site you can now select between Members Updates, Free Updates and Site News.


We have now or own Self Translated Doujins :)


Some bug fixes have i made to. On Updates are now 20 articels and not buggy like bevor that on each page the nummber was random.

On Comments is the linebreak working now to.


The remains are some minor changes like bigger thumbnails, freatured slideshow and some other thinks.



The nyaaHENTAIS team