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nyaaHENTAIS CMS Update 5.3 18 April 2013, 10:08

Hi have made a five updates on the CMS.


The Browse areas have now a Mousewheel Next Item Feature and Infinite Scroll is added to.

When you dont like one of them, then Make a user profile account on the new menu button nyaauser and turn them off under settings edit.

No need to login each time browser will remember you.


nyaaHENTAIS have now a user profile where you can send me a message when you see errors or use like befor the report button.

Add your favorite anime, doujin, game or what you like to your favorits in your profile.

If you like wirte a user review in each area.

But see for yourself what is new.


yu @ nyaahentais

Big Hentai Game Update 06 November 2012, 02:01

Hi in 24 hours will the site get 126 old hentai games from 2002 to 2009.

Because i upload all now, so long can i not update the animes sorry.


Games will have all genres and are rare and are favs from me.

Advance Search and F.A.Q 24 July 2012, 07:54

Hi have made a Advance Search is now Online button can be found at top page left to the search box.

And made a small F.A.Q with most questions i get can be found on bottom page.


Have fun your nyaahentais

Nyaa now 5.2 26 January 2012, 15:28

We are now by 5.2 new style and a five bug fixes.

When you like the old style better then select it on the page bottom.


have fun

yu @ nyaahentais

Download Connection Limit 29 October 2011, 08:48

Hello i have set a download connection limit.

Many are downloading and to many connections make the server slow.


Anime, Hentai Movies, Hentai Games and Bonus have 8 Connection.

When you get a 503 error or on stream file not found then you use more then the allowed Connections.


Best is set your download manager to 7 connections and 1 download at time.

So you can add all downloads to your download list and dont get a error 503.


yu @ nyaahentais

New Design Online 19 October 2011, 15:12

Hello have made a new design and templates.

When you find errors please post a comment to this post.


yu @ nyaahentais

Back to 8bit encode 15 October 2011, 07:18

Hello for now i will make all new videos in 8bit encoding.

Because many users like 8bit more so for now will use 8bit.


yu @ nyaahentais

Hi10P and HTTP Pseudo-Streaming 05 October 2011, 02:49

Hi we now suppot HTTP Pseudo-Streaming.

This mechanism allows you to seek to not-yet downloaded parts of a video stream.


From now on all or videos will be encoded in HI10P(10bit) when you have troble to play it.

Then install the new CCCP(30.07.2011) or K-Lite(7.8.0) codec pack.


When you have a green video screen have you install new 10bit compatible codec?

And a player that can play it like MPC that is in CCCP pack or VLC night build.

By me in VLC and MPC it is working.

Dont use QuickTime or WMP this have no 10bit playback support for now.


The stream have just a tiny color bug on right site need to wait for a update to fix this.


yu @ nyaahentais



For now back to 8bit but some have 10bit encoding on the site.

New Bonus Content 06 September 2011, 20:53

Hello we have now a new area "Bonus Content" there we will add stuff like japan av, japan idol movies, anime, hentai, hentai games.


The Bonus Content is a area where the stuff will be on for 1 month from upload day after that it will be deleted.

That way we can upload more stuff each month.


The Bonus Content area will have new and old stuff have fun.


yu @ nyaaHENTAIS

New CMS V6 Online. 18 June 2011, 20:56

Hi nyaano now the new cms v6 is online.


Have made many bug fixes and all the code better site is now faster.

Have not much to say just from now more stuff updates.


When you see bugs send mail to so i can fix it.


Yu @