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Over 350+ full-length high quality 3d hentai movies online and growing. Latest 3d hentai movies from japan. 3D hentai movies to download as mp4 or watch straight from the page. Sign up today and begin to watch all the hot 3d hentai movies.
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Over 200+ 3d hentai game downloads online and growing. Latest 3d hentai games from japan. All 3d hentai games are in Japanese and censored, some of them do have english / uncensored patches included. Sign up today and begin to play all the very hot 3d hentai games.


Visitor Questions

Q. Do i really get to download all the content i see?
Your membership will allow you UNLIMITED downloads of all of our content and our special bonus features. There are no hidden/extra charges.

Q. What's the quality of your videos?
All anime episodes are in 720P and all hentai movies min in 480P.

Q. How come some hentais are censored? Do you provide any uncensored hentai?
There is no control over hentai anime producers censoring their work. However, we do have uncensored hentai movies.

Q. What is the Hentai Key network and how do i get access?
Hentai Key's network membership provides access to many more sites. Just join to access them all.

Member Questions

Q. After i join how do i access the member's area to begin downloading?
At the top right is a login button just click the Login button and enter in your username/password.

Q: Is there a connection limit?
Yes there is a limit of 8 connections per user.

Q. I need to cancel my subscription, what should i do?
Please visit Hentai Key to access Billing Support or to use the Support Ticket System with your request.

Q. I found a error what should i do?
Please send over the report button a message with the error details or send us a mail over the Contact link at the page bottom.

Q. I still have more questions not covered in this FAQ how do I contact you?!
Just send a mail over the Contact link at the page bottom.

Q. I joined from another site and visit yours the most! How can i support you?
Enjoy the network! If your subscription happens to expire then just signup through us next time.

Hentai Game Questions

Q. Why is the hentai game not in english?
All hentai games are in japanese you need to use a five tools to get a live by play translation. More to it here.

Q. Why is the hentai game not starting?
Some hentai games need a NoDVD patch, most of the time can u find it in the downloaded files. If a NoDVD patch is not there then try first this NoDVD Patcher. If the Patcher is not working then send us a mail we will add the NoDVD patch if one is out. Or try Locale Emulator > Japanese Mode some game run just with it.

Hentai Manga Questions

Q. Why do you have japanese hentai movies and doujinshi manga?
We just upload what comes out groups translate later the hentai movie or doujinshi to english, so we can update them.

Download/Playback Questions

Q. When i press the download button get i just a video stream?
The download button is just the link to the mp4 file when you get a stream then use "right click > save as". Or deactivate the apple quick time browser plugin, in the most cases is it why you get a video stream. Or use a download manager like IDM or others.

Q. When i press download it wont show up.
When stream works is the download link online too both are same file so please test "right click > save as" first.

Q. I have downloaded a video but it freezes after some playback?
Please install the latest CCCP codec pack befor you send us a report.

Q. Issues with stream playback quality on browser
when on a Windows machine, using either Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11.
You might see smaller issues such as aliasing in text or slight color shifts -- or larger issues such as no video or audio playing.

These issues do not affect all users of these browsers, and they are not in our power to resolve because they pertain to the way the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox decode HTML5 video on particular Windows machines.

You may be able to resolve them yourself by **disabling hardware acceleration** in your browser. Read on!

1. Open a new tab and go to "chrome://flags"
2. Find "Disable hardware-accelerated video decode" and click "Enable"
3. Restart Chrome
1. Click the Firefox button at the top-right of the Menu bar
2. Go to the "Options" menu and then click "Options" again
3. Click the "Advanced" tab at the top, then "General" below that
4. Uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available"
5. Click OK and restart Firefox
1. Click the Settings (gear) icon
2. Choose Internet Options
3. Select the Advanced tab
4. Check the box under Accelerated Graphics that reads "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering"
5. Click Apply, then click OK
6. Restart Internet Explorer 11

Q: I get a error 503 why?
You are using to many connections there is a limit of 8 connections per user.

Q: I get a video not found error when i try to stream a video?
You are using to many connections there is a limit of 8 connections per user.

Q. These videos refuse to play on my machine, I have the proper codecs installed... i think.
Quickest and easiest way to view all movies is VLC Player. It's lightweight and has built-in codecs. Or download the CCCP codec pack.

Glossary of anime and manga

Is a genre of pornographic media focusing on the depiction of women with large breasts. The word can be literally translated to "exploding breasts". Bakunyū is a subgenre within the genre of hentai anime.

Literally, "pretty girl". Often refers to any young, attractive woman, but also used to imply sexual availability (as in "bishōjo games").

To ejaculate on your partner's face or body

Character with cat ears and a cat tail, but an otherwise human body. These characters often have feline habits, claw-like nails, and occasionally show fangs. Emotional expressions are also feline in nature, such as an exaggerated fur-standing-on-end when startled.

Comics Market World's largest comic convention held semi-annually in Tokyo, Japan for producers and fans of Dōjinshi.

Any amateurly produced work. A common misconception is that dōjinshi are fanmade (i.e. parody or fan fiction) and manga this is not necessarily the case.

The Japanese pronunciation of the letter "H". It represents the first letter in the word "Hentai" and can refer to anything ranging between mildly erotic manga and anime to unwarranted sexual behavior. In Europe and North America, it is mostly used for soft erotic productions while "hentai" is used for pornographic productions.

An eroge, a portmanteau of erotic game, is a Japanese video or computer game that features erotic content, usually in the form of anime-style artwork. Not to be confused with Galge. Eroge originated from Galge that added Adult content rated 18+.

Hermaphrodites. Strictly refers to characters with both sets of genitalia (penis and vagina) and breasts. This is usually achieved either by freak of nature or by a potion/pill/magic spell of some variety.

Girl games. This is "a type of Japanese video game centered around interactions with attractive anime-style girls". These games are a subgenre of dating sims targeted towards a male audience.

Directly from the English. Extreme violence involving the shedding of blood. May involve dismemberment, disembowelment and snuff (death) themes.

Normally used to refer to a little sister when talking with someone not related to your family, but it’s used during conversations with your sister in the case you want to draw attention to the fact she is your little sister (Hey, listen to me, my imouto! As your big brother, I have authority over you!). Since it’s one of the most popular fetishes in Japan, it is constantly used in Galge names.

Contradiction of the words “Megane” and the article “ko”, which is used at the end of names to indicate a feminine name – Girl with Glasses. It is used to identify the targets of a fetish in a much more cute way.

NTR (Netorare)
It refers to one of the weirdest fetishes out there, where someone watches his/her lover having sex with other person, while the watcher can’t do anything other than be drowned in despair, anguish and a strange sexual excitement. It’s generally a man who does the role of watcher, and the guy having sex many times is related to the man, like an arch-enemy or rival, usually someone much more talented and good looking than the victim. This is classified as a high-level form of masochism.

Breasts, bust, tits, chichi, boin – You know the drill, it’s cuter this way!

The contraction of the word “pettan” – which is the sound effect for hands touching a flat surface – adding the feminine article “ko” at the end, meaning “flat-chested girl”.

apanese acronym for "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi" (no climax, no point, no meaning). Also known as boys love. Sometimes male-on-male sexual content; usually created by women for women.

Lit. "Lily". Jargon term for lesbian content or girl love. In Japan, the term denotes a broad spectrum of attraction between women. It is also used for sexually explicit content outside of Japan. It is used like the term "yaoi" for men.